Manhattan USB-C to Headphone Jack (3.5mm) and USB-C (inc Power Delivery), Black, 480 Mbps (USB 2.0), Cable 11cm, Audio, With Power Delivery to USB-C Port (60W), Equivalent to Startech CDP235APDM , Three Year Warranty, Retail Box

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The USB-C to Headphone Jack Adapter for Audio and Power Is your slimmed-down computer missing a headphone jack? Add one and get plenty of power for all your attached devices with the Manhattan USB-C to Headphone Jack Adapter. Simply connect it to your computer's USB-C port, connect your computer's charging cable to the Power Delivery port on the adapter, and plug in your headphones. The adapter's Power Delivery technology charges your computer and all the devices it connects to so you can listen to music, your favourite podcast or media program while you get work done. The jack also supports audio input if your headphone cable has a built-in mic so you can be heard and understood better in your online communications. Improve your productivity and get the audio connection you need with this headphone jack adapter.

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