DELL Vive Focus Plus (UK) Dedicated head mounted display Black, White


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Take enterprise VR applications on the go with this VIVE Focus Plus VR headset. Included controllers offer 6 degrees of immersion to bring your ideas to life, while brilliant displays and real-time audio combine in a lightweight, portable design.

Pack this VIVE Focus Plus VR headset with your sales presentation to add an immersive angle to pitches or design work. The lightweight headset is balanced and easy to wear for long sessions and features an adjustable headband to fit a range of head sizes. Dual cameras deliver a wide-angle view for a lifelike experience of graphics and text. Featuring an LED status light, this VR headset is easy to keep charged.

With a microSD card reader, this VIVE Focus Plus VR headset lets you present saved programs. Use the built-in Wi-Fi to share projects and plans in vivid color. A microphone in the headset offers real-time tracking of user responses, and the Qualcomm Snapdragon processor keeps up with the workload. Boasting an ultra-portable design that doesn’t need a base station, this VIVE Focus Plus VR headset is ideal for conference presentations, conventions and showroom use.

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