HP H5UK7E warranty/support extension

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Proactive IT support services that use a personalized approach to maintaining your IT infrastructure As part of IT and business digital transformation, today’s IT is driven to enable service agility while fostering business growth and innovation. Your business needs you to respond quickly to competitive challenges and new opportunities, requiring flexibility and adaptability from your IT. As a result, your IT organization may have new needs and increased complexity all while being cost‑efficient. You also may require access to technical experts who can help your IT—servers, storage, network, virtual environment, software, and hypervisors—to be kept aligned and current to reduce problems. There is too much to do and not enough resources. You need to save time to focus on business priorities and you want to have more control spending less time troubleshooting and making calls accessing support faster. Are your IT support services evolving to address the new complexities of this environment? Ask yourself “If your IT and business is changing, shouldn’t support service change, too?

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