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A wall-charger that’s tiny in stature but big on power. The Rapid Power 20W Compact Wall Charger features USB-C Power Delivery so you can charge all your favourite devices pronto. Charge any USB device – USB-C Power Delivery up to 20W Traditional chargers do their best work with specific devices. ALOGIC’s Rapid Power 20W USB-C Compact Wall Charger isn’t a traditional charger. Featuring USB-C Power Delivery technology, it’s a one-stop power source for all your favourite USB-C devices. Once you connect it with your smartphones, tablets, or compatible video games consoles, it automatically selects the right power output to safely charge the device at the most optimum speed. Although it can deliver up 20W power to high-powered devices, it also has the smarts to pump less power into less power-hungry devices. Compact & Portable – Easy to Use and Carry There’s no need for all those chargers when you have ALOGIC’s Rapid Power 20W USB-C Compact Wall Charger in your wall. This one-port charging solution is ideal for all your favourite USB-C devices. At 50% the stature of traditional chargers, it’s delightfully portable too. Slip it into your laptop bag when you need a no-fuss answer to fast-charging devices out of the office or away from home. Certified Safe – Meets and Exceeds All Safety Standards A charger that ticks all the safety boxes is great for peace of mind. More importantly, it’s imperative for safety. The Rapid Power 20W Charger meets all local and international regulatory standards necessary to keep you safe at work and home. It features over-current protection, over-voltage protection, short circuit protection and over-temperature protection. Charge your devices without risking damage or hazard.

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