HP B3P19A (727) Ink cartridge cyan, 130ml


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HP 727 DesignJet Ink Cartridge, cyan (130 ml) Make an impression with clear, easily readable drawings. To help reduce downtime and improve productivity—and protect your investment—Original HP inks are designed with your HP DesignJet printer as an optimized printing system. Choose from two cartridge sizes. Enable more unattended printing with high-capacity 300-ml ink cartridges. Or save using more affordable 130-ml ink cartridges.[1] And you can take advantage of free, convenient ink cartridge return and recycling.

Compatible Printers: HP DesignJet T 920 ePrinter, HP DesignJet T 1500 ePrinter, HP DesignJet T 920 Series, HP DesignJet T 930 Series, HP DesignJet T 1530, HP DesignJet T 2530 USB, HP DesignJet T 2530, HP DesignJet T 930 PS, HP DesignJet T 930, HP DesignJet T 1530 PS, HP DesignJet T 2500, HP DesignJet T 1500 ePrinter 36 Inch, HP DesignJet T 920 ePrinter 36 Inch, HP DesignJet T 920 ePrinter PS 36 Inch, HP DesignJet T 1500 ePrinter PS 36 Inch, HP DesignJet T 2500 PS

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