HP C9364EE (337) Printhead cartridge black, 420 pages, 11ml


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Owners of HP inkjet printers who need to print professional-looking documents for the office or home, and individuals who need to print documents that have a greater resistance to highlighter pen smear. HP 337 Ink Cartridges print darker, laser-quality black text that offers greater resistance to highlighter pen smear. This new black ink delivers enhanced durability and superior fade-resistance.

Compatible Printers: HP DeskJet 5943, HP DeskJet 6940 DT, HP PhotoSmart 8050, HP OfficeJet 6310 XI, HP PhotoSmart 2575, HP DeskJet 6980, HP DeskJet 5940, HP OfficeJet Pro K 7100, HP PhotoSmart C 4100, HP DeskJet 6988 XI, HP PhotoSmart D 5000 Series, HP DeskJet 6988, HP OfficeJet 6318, HP OfficeJet 6310 V, HP OfficeJet 6315, HP PhotoSmart D 5160, HP OfficeJet 100, HP PhotoSmart 8750 GP, HP OfficeJet H 470 B, HP DeskJet 6988 DT, HP DeskJet 5950, HP OfficeJet 6313, HP OfficeJet 150 Mobile, HP OfficeJet K 7100, HP PhotoSmart D 5060, HP PhotoSmart C 4150, HP OfficeJet H 470, HP PhotoSmart C 4180, HP OfficeJet 6310, HP PhotoSmart C 4140, HP OfficeJet H 470 WBT, HP PhotoSmart 8750, HP PhotoSmart D 5065, HP PhotoSmart C 4110, HP DeskJet D 4160, HP DeskJet 6940, HP DeskJet 6980 DT, HP DeskJet D 4100 Series, HP OfficeJet K 7100 Series, HP DeskJet 6900 Series, HP PhotoSmart 8700 Series, HP OfficeJet 6304, HP PhotoSmart 8050 XI, HP DeskJet 6988 Series, HP OfficeJet 6310 Series, HP DeskJet D 4145, HP OfficeJet 6300 Series, HP PhotoSmart D 5145, HP PhotoSmart 8030, HP OfficeJet Pro K 7100 Series, HP PhotoSmart D 5100 Series, HP PhotoSmart 8049, HP PhotoSmart 8000 Series, HP OfficeJet H 470 Series, HP OfficeJet H 470 BT, HP PhotoSmart C 4175, HP PhotoSmart C 4170, HP PhotoSmart D 5063, HP OfficeJet K 7108, HP OfficeJet K 7103, HP PhotoSmart 2570, HP PhotoSmart 2575 xi, HP OfficeJet 6305, HP PhotoSmart 8050 Series, HP PhotoSmart C 4190, HP PhotoSmart C 4100 Series, HP PhotoSmart 2500 Series, HP DeskJet 5900 Series, HP DeskJet 6985, HP PhotoSmart D 5155, HP DeskJet D 4155, HP PhotoSmart 8050 V, HP OfficeJet H 470 WF

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