HP CZ129A (711) Ink cartridge black, 38ml


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- HP 711 38-ml Black Ink Cartridge provides consistent, accurate results. See sharp line accuracy in fast-drying, smudge-resistant prints. Original HP inks are designed and tested with your printer to provide consistent results; - Trial and error costs you time. To get the consistent quality you need, look to Original HP supplies designed with your printer as an optimised printing system to provide accurate lines, sharp detail and rich colour quality; - Choose the size to fit your needs and your budget whether you print a little or a lot. Choose from 38-ml black cartridges to print in low print volume or 80-ml black for high volume; - Imagine the impact you can make with clear, easily readable drawings and colourful, powerful presentations. Original HP inks deliver a unique combination of quality and resilience - see sharp lines in fast-drying, smudge-resistant prints.

Compatible Printers: HP DesignJet T 520 Series, HP DesignJet T 520 36 Inch, HP DesignJet T 520 24 Inch, HP DesignJet T 120, HP DesignJet T 520, HP DesignJet T 530 Series, HP DesignJet T 120 Series, HP DesignJet T 130, HP DesignJet T 530 24 Inch, HP DesignJet T 125, HP DesignJet T 530 36 Inch, HP DesignJet T 525 36 Inch, HP DesignJet T 525 24 Inch

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