HP F9J80A (727) Ink cartridge gray, 300ml


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Ideal for design and engineering teams producing high-quality, professional drawings. HP 727 Designjet Ink Cartridges are designed together with your HP Designjet printer as an optimized printing system. Original HP inks can help reduce downtime and improve productivity. Crisp, fast-drying, smudge-resistant prints help you keep pace.

Compatible Printers: HP DesignJet T 930 PS, HP DesignJet T 930, HP DesignJet T 2530, HP DesignJet T 1530 PS, HP DesignJet T 2530 USB, HP DesignJet T 1530, HP DesignJet T 920 ePrinter PS 36 Inch, HP DesignJet T 1500 ePrinter 36 Inch, HP DesignJet T 2500 PS, HP DesignJet T 920 Series, HP DesignJet T 2500, HP DesignJet T 1500 ePrinter PS 36 Inch, HP DesignJet T 920 ePrinter, HP DesignJet T 920 ePrinter 36 Inch, HP DesignJet T 1500 ePrinter, HP DesignJet T 930 Series

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