HP P2V79A (746) Ink cartridge yellow, 300ml


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Ideal for print service providers, GIS map creators/users, and retailers printing high-quality technical and graphics applications with water/fade resistance. See high-contrast color with chromatic HP Vivid Photo Inks and high-definition HP printheads.[1] Water- and fade-resistant prints[2] last over 200 years in dark storage.[3] Achieve more quality with fewer inks[4] to help lower your printing costs.

Compatible Printers: HP DesignJet Z 9+ Series, HP DesignJet Z 9 + 24 inch, HP DesignJet Z 9 + dr 44 inch, HP DesignJet Z 6 44-inch, HP DesignJet Z 9 + 44 inch, HP DesignJet Z 6 24-inch, HP DesignJet Z 6 dr 44-inch

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