Manhattan HDMI with Ethernet Extension Cable, 4K@60Hz (Premium High Speed), Male to Female, Cable 20cm, Black, Ultra HD 4k x 2k, Fully Shielded, Gold Plated Contacts, Lifetime Warranty, Polybag

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HDMI Extension Cable - great for close-to-wall TVs and TV sticks Since many TVs sit very close to a wall, there can be little space to connect accessories such as an Amazon Fire TV or Roku Stick. Make your crucial connection with the Manhattan High Speed HDMI Extension Cable. It acts as a cable adapter, and its flexible cabling makes it perfect for bending in tight spaces. Simply plug the male HDMI connector into your TV and the TV stick to the cable's female HDMI connector. The TV stick can hang securely from the extension cable instead of jutting from the back or side of the TV where it's in danger of breaking off if you're not careful. You'll enjoy a better wireless signal and improved airflow for an excellent cinematic experience. This extension cable supports all the key audio/video features of a quality HDMI cable such as 4K@60Hz resolution, Dolby Atmos, Dolby Vision and much more.

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