Manhattan USB-C to Gigabit Network and USB-C (inc Power Delivery), 19.5cm, Black, Ethernet RJ45 10/100/1000 Mbps, Power Delivery to USB-C Port (60W), Equivalent to Startech US1GC30PD, Male to Females, Lifetime Warranty, Retail Box

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USB-C to Gigabit Network Adapter with Power Delivery (PD) Port - Gigabit network speeds and power for connected devices USB-C Power Delivery Since smaller laptops and notebooks dropped the Ethernet port, you need an external adapter for a wired Ethernet connection. This Ethernet Adapter gives you Gigabit speeds and power to all the devices in your setup. If your device has a broken internal network card, this adapter will get you back on the network in no time. The included PD port lets you charge your device without needing an extra USB-C port. All devices in the setup receive up to 60 W of power. Fast Network Connectivity This Gigabit Ethernet Adapter has a fully auto-sensing Gigabit LAN port that is capable of delivering a peak performance of 2 Gbps in full-duplex mode. It provides exceptional performance for everyone who requires an ultra-fast and wired network connection. Portable design This compact adapter takes up little space, so you can add it to your work area without adding clutter. Plus, you can add it to all your workspaces for authorized network access right away. When it's time to leave one workspace, you unplug it and add it to your bag. When you're at the next, connect it to your setup, and you're on the network with a super-fast wired-Ethernet connection.

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