7 Tips for Giving The Gift Of Tech This Christmas (Parent's Edition)

Are you considering giving the gift of tech this holiday season? Well, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve compiled a list of our top tips to add to your checklist to ensure a less stressful Christmas morning for everyone! The below tips are easy to forget which is why we’re making a list that you can check twice, and keep your Christmas morning more fun than frustrating!


1. Stock up on batteries

And not just any batteries; check boxes to see what size batteries you need, and how many of each. Bonus tip – put them in the toy or remote control or gadget before you wrap it!

2. Remember SD cards for cameras

Open that camera box and see if it comes with an SD card. Nothing is more frustrating than wanting to play with a fancy new camera and finding that memory card isn’t actually included. Even if you just snag one from an old camera you’ve got lying around in your “donate” pile, it makes a big difference Christmas morning.

3. Charge devices in advance

That new device is not nearly as fun sitting against the wall, tethered to an outlet, while everyone else is playing with their new gifts. Charge a night or two before, then wrap after!

4. Check that you have the right cables

TVs, routers, and gaming consoles all require HDMI and Ethernet cables. More often than not, they don’t come with your purchase and will need to be purchased separately. 

5. Get a case for tablets and phones

What could possibly be worse than getting that brand new iPad you’ve been wanting since it was released 5 months ago? Getting said iPad and dropping it 5 minutes after unwrapping it. Cracked screens are expensive to fix, so providing the proper accessories can help protect that investment! 

6. Activate devices in advance

Plenty of retailers allow you to activate the new device on the spot when you purchase. If you’re getting one for a member of your immediate family, it’s easy enough to just add the device to your existing plan. If it’s for a loved one in your wider family, it may be best to skip this step. 

7. Preload devices with apps, movies or books

While this tip is definitely not essential, however if you’re giving a new device as a gift this can be one of a few nice ways to personalise your tech gifts. Even a single special song to start an iTunes library can make the gift that much more special. Alternatively, include an Amazon gift card or iTunes gift card that they can use towards their ebooks, apps, music, or movies.

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