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Showing 1 - 24 of 729 products
Kingston Technology FURY 16GB 5600MT/s DDR5 CL40 SODIMM Impact PnP
32GB 2666MT/s DDR4 CL16 DIMM FURY Beast Black
32GB 6000MT/s DDR5 CL40 DIMM FURY Beast Black XMP
32GB 6000MT/s DDR5 CL36 DIMM FURY Beast Black EXPO
16GB 7200MT/s DDR5 CL38 DIMM FURY Renegade RGB XMP
8GB 6000MT/s DDR5 CL40 DIMM FURY Beast Black


Needed a fairly obscure part for part of the power cable on my laptop plug. Delighted to be able to get it from ValuPC. As always a simple process. Ordered and received 2 days later.


I have ordered a TV that I couldn't get anywhere else in Ireland and Valu PC had it. Delivery took 2 days and Jim was extremely nice and helpful with everything and even delivered it to me himself. I will definitely be ordering from him again.


Delivery arrived within a day - and it was Christmas week! Headphones were really competitively priced. Delighted with them. A hassle free online purchase. Very happy with my experience.

James Smith

Was going to go to an English chain of computer shop, googled and seen valupc. I ordered a new laptop and Monitor late Sunday night and had them in my hands on Wednesday morning with everything working as expected. I would recommend Valu pc as they are Irish and defiently good value, will be back in the future.

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