Best Smartphones For 2022

With the festive period well and truly over us and we head into Spring there’s a lot of potential for top-tier smartphone innovation over the coming months. However, the current crop of smartphones can still deliver on features, quality, longevity and value.


As we all know there is currently no ‘one-phone-fits-all’ solution in the smartphone market, different phones provide a range of different features to suit consumers' varying needs. With this in mind, we have designed this article to help you find the best phone for you!



  1. Samsung Galaxy s21+



Pros: Versatile camera, most affordable phone in its range


This phone features a triple-lens camera which is highly versatile, and includes three core lenses that you’d expect from a premium smartphone. There is also a high-end power, solid battery life, and an AMOLED screen with 120Hz refresh rate.  

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  1. Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3



Pros: Elegant folding design, water resistant, more affordable price point


The Z Flip 3 is a beautiful expression of the evolution of foldable smartphone technology, with water resistance incorporated into the new design! With an improved battery life and two dual cameras, the Flip 3’s reasonable pricing proves that foldable smartphones can compete in the same space as conventional smartphones without compromising on quality!

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  1. Motorola Moto G50 



Pros: Two day battery life, affordable price point


If you’re looking for a good phone that supports 5G, then the Moto G50 is the one for you! This phone offers a triple-rear camera, 128GB of storage and a super powerful long lasting 5000 mAh battery.

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  1. Samsung Galaxy Note 20


Pros: Useful S pen feature, great looking screen


The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 has a range of advanced features including a great- looking screen and special features for the S pen, adding extra versatile ways to use your device. With a 4300 mAh battery and 256GB, the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 allows you to go big or go bigger!

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  1. Microsoft Surface Duo 2

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Pros: Do more with two screens, higher quality hardware


The Microsoft Surface Duo 2 provides significant improvements in the specifications, compared to previous versions. The focus of this smartphone is productivity, and is perfect for those who like to multi-task and require the ability to use two apps at the same time. With a 4449 mAh battery and 128GB storage space, it really allows you to do more with two screens!

Looking through all of the available smartphone opinions can be daunting, we hope this article has helped to narrow down your search and provided some insight into the range of different features on the market today! You can browse the smartphone's features in this article and more on our website here. Happy shopping!

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