Features To Consider When Buying A New Laptop

Buying a new laptop can be tricky - especially with the wide variety of sizes and features on the market today. What makes a good laptop anyway? Is it the screen size and resolution? The CPU? Or maybe huge memory and storage space are essential. Luckily for you, we’ve compiled a list of the most important features to consider when purchasing a new laptop!

Screen Size and Resolution 

Screen size is arguably one of the most important features to consider when choosing a new laptop, if you choose a screen size too small you compromise on the finer details, similarly, if you choose a screen size too big you lose the travel-with-ease aspect. Experts say anywhere between 24 and 30 inches is perfect for most users, if you plan to travel with your laptop frequently you may want to choose a smaller screen size, alternatively, if you don’t plan to move your new device at all, you may want to consider a larger screen size. 

Screen resolution refers to the clarity of the text or images that appear on your screen. Generally, the higher the resolution the sharper and more defined items on your screen appear. If you spend your days staring at your laptop screen, it is an important factor and should be considered as such. 


RAM or random access memory refers to your system's short-term data storage. RAM is key to a computer's performance, especially if you need to edit word docs, and browse the web all at once! The more RAM you have, the faster your laptop will access data, and the more applications you can run smoothly at any one time. 

4GB - the absolute minimum and will allow users to load browser tabs, access emails, and load applications such as Microsoft Word and Excel. 

8GB - the minimum RAM required for users who use high-power softwares. 

16GB - excellent for Windows and MacOS systems, also good RAM for gamers.

32GB - ideal for professionals

Battery Life 

Battery life is another important feature to consider when purchasing a new laptop, especially if you plan to travel with your laptop! Buying a bigger battery capacity means you spend less time worrying about charging. They say the bigger the battery capacity, the longer the usage time is, and while this is true, it’s important to remember that factors such as screen brightness, active WIFI connections and certain programs all affect battery life differently. 


Today, laptops come in a wide range of shapes and sizes. Slimmer, lighter laptops offer more portability options, as they’re so lightweight. While lighter laptops may travel better, more powerful hardware might be a higher priority if you require more high-power software.


A laptop’s CPU or central processing unit interprets instructions while you're running activities such as browsing the web, creating or editing documents, checking emails, playing games, or running software programs. When it comes to CPU, Intel’s Core-based range is as good as it gets. 

Core i3 processor - typically found in entry-level laptops and are ideal for everyday computing. 

Core i5 processor - typically found in the majority of mid-range laptops, they are great all-purpose chips, offering solid performance for gaming, web browsing, and light productivity tasks.

Core i7 processor - typically found in higher-end laptops, these are better for multitasking, media-editing and media-creation tasks, high-end gaming, and similar demanding workloads.

Storage Space 

Most laptops today will have anywhere between 16GB & 512GB of storage. The amount of storage you require depends on the type of files you intend to store on your new laptop. Remember, you can also add additional storage later on through external storage options such as USB drives etc. 

Ports & Inputs 

It is essential to check the ports available on a laptop before you purchase. For example, if you want to plug in headphones your laptop will need an audio jack. You will need a HDMI port if you intend to connect your laptop to the TV or an external monitor. 

USB ports are a must have if you want to plug in peripheral devices such as USB drives for storage, a mouse, keyboards, phone chargers and more!


In conclusion, purchasing a new laptop can be an extremely overwhelming process! There are many features to consider, so it’s important to consider what features are most important for your own personal needs! Now that you know where to start you can browse our wide range of laptops here!

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