Multiple Monitors & The Gaming Experience

While there are many benefits to double gaming monitor setups, most gamers don’t actually use monitors to extend their game across two screens. While some users add an extra screen to simply increase their display space, gamers typically use a dual-monitor setup to multitask while they play. 

Benefit of Dual Monitors

A dual monitor setup makes it possible for you to enjoy multitasking while playing your favorite video games. This extra screen real estate can be used as a desktop for web browsing, watching videos, or for displaying walkthroughs and other information for a game. Having two screens is also beneficial if you plan to do Twitch streaming, allowing you to play on a primary monitor and use streaming tools on the secondary monitor. You can easily view a chat and respond to your viewers in real time.

Things to Consider 

Before you splurge on an additional screen, make sure to keep a few things in mind: computer connectivity, screen size, bezels width, and mounts and adjustments.


Computer Connectivity

Before you jump in, you should make sure your computer, or perhaps more importantly, your computer’s graphics card is able to support dual monitors. If your graphic card has only one video port, it is not possible to use dual monitors without an additional graphics card. This, however, is unusual because most modern computers have at least two video ports, meaning that it is possible to connect dual monitors. There are many different types of ports; VGA, DVI, HDMI, Type-C or DisplayPort, be sure to check the connector type is the same and your monitors, otherwise you might need to use an adapter.


Screen Size

While some people don’t mind having different size monitors, however if you plan to add two monitors to your setup we always recommend getting two monitors that are the same size, this provides a much more balanced experience. Alternatively, if you already have a monitor, you should consider the size of your current monitor when purchasing a new monitor. When it comes to refresh rate, most gamers have no problems operating two screens with different resolutions or even refresh rates, however the screens should be aligned properly for the best performance.


Mounts and Adjustments

Depending on your goal and application, you might need some extra accessories for your monitors: such as a stand, mount, or arm. You’ll also need to consider if you need a rotation function and how you would like to mount it.