Purchasing Refurbished Tech? Our Top Tips

So, you’re considering purchasing some refurbished technology? Buying refurbished tech is a great way to help reduce your carbon footprint and become more sustainable in your purchases. There are also many more advantages to purchasing refurbished tech; the product has been taken through several quality control steps. Refurbished products are tried and tested, and they get the same care and consideration when going through the testing process a second time, so you can rest assured that buying a refurbished product doesn’t mean you're compromising on quality, when buying a refurbished product from a trusted source, of course. 

What is “Refurbished” Technology? 

Laptops and smartphones now come with a wider array of features and functionalities, thanks to the advancement of technology in recent years. These functions and functionalities also come with a hefty price tag, which can be out of reach, budget-wise, for most individuals. Luckily, there is an entire refurbished technology market where consumers can purchase electronics at discounted prices. Refurbished means that the product was used, deemed defective, recycled or returned for whatever reason, then tested and repaired to a ‘like-new’ condition by the manufacturer before being sold again. “Re-certified” and “reconditioned” are also terms that are sometimes used to describe refurbished technology. 

Used Technology vs Refurbished Technology 

The most important thing to understand here is that in technology terms, “used” and “refurbished” mean who complete different things. The main difference being that refurbished technology has been tested and verified to work properly, whereas used technology has not. Used technology is very often second-hand or pre-owned products that are sold again without being checked for defects. Refurbished technology is much safer to purchase than used technology due to the rigorous testing the product has undergone before being released back into the market. 

Benefits of Purchasing Refurbished Technology;

  • Quality: refurbished products are 100% functional. They undergo rigorous testing before they are released into the market to be sold again. This means that a consumer gets the best quality product at a cheaper price. In the case of laptops, the hard drive is wiped clean, the software is re-installed and the laptop is cleaned both internally and externally. Aside from minor aesthetic differences, it's difficult to distinguish between a refurbished product and a brand new one. They undergo similar quality tests as a brand new laptop would and only after they pass the test are they released to the market again.

  • Warranty: when buying a refurbished product from a trusted source, the products will likely come with some sort of warranty or guarantee. These warranties and guarantees provide that extra peace of mind when purchasing refurbished as it takes away the uncertainty that consumers associate with buying refurbished products. Having a warranty or guarantee ensures that if something does go wrong, which can happen even with a brand new product, then the seller can provide support whereby a product can be replaced or repaired. 

  • Price: this is perhaps the most obvious and attractive benefit of buying a refurbished product. Most companies have a no-questions-asked policy when it comes to the returns process. When buying a refurbished product, not only does the customer pay less, but you also get more bang for your buck! 

  • Refurbished Product Grading System

    A refurbished grade denotes the quality of a refurbished device based on its cosmetic state, previous use & packaging. It follows the grading system listed below;

    As Good As New 

    This product should look, and work as if it’s brand new. These are often end-of-line, returned or re-manufactured as discussed above. 

    Grade A or Excellent 

    Small signs of use and the battery health of above 80%. This is a device that has been lightly used. There may be some small use marks around the ports, but nothing else. 

    Grade B or Good 

    This is a device that has been used. There will be some marks on the case but the screen should have no marks. Battery health should be 60% here. 

    Grade C or Fair 

    This is a device that has some use and you can see it. There will be visible scratches and dents. The battery would have been well used, however, it's important to note that it should still be in working condition.

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