Top Technology Tips for 2022 - ‘Working From Home Edition’

The Covid-19 pandemic has allowed working from home to become a necessity for many people, and let’s be honest - working from home can be stressful! Here at Valu PC we’ve put together a few working from home life hacks to get you through remote working during a pandemic! 

  1. Did you forget to send an important file to your work computer? Remotely access your computer, get the files you need and transfer them to another machine using a remote desktop app on both a computer and your smartphone
  2. Need a microphone but don't want to spend money on one? Grab any pair of headphones lying around, plug them into the microphone jack, and start talking
  3. Temporarily unmute yourself on Zoom by pressing and holding the spacebar
  4. Getting a second monitor makes you far more productive in just about anything you do. Writing up something in Word that requires some research? Two monitors will help you do it. Adding a second (or even a third) monitor has proven to increase productivity by up to 42%
  5. In order to connect your external monitor to your laptop/computer, you’ll need to run a matching cable between the two. Then you’ll need to tell your operating system that you’re using a second screen, to do this on Windows right click your mouse & go to display settings. MacBooks automatically recognise a second screen. Finally, you’ll want to set up the monitor orientation, in the control panel (PC) or system preferences (Mac) you can allow the monitor to mirror your first screen or act as an extension of the first
  6. Undo those little mistakes - if you accidentally delete or move a file, you can hit Ctrl + Z to bring it back to where it was (Ctrl + Y will redo whatever you undid)
  7. Log out of Facebook remotely by going to 'settings', then select 'security', and navigate to 'when you're logged in'. You'll be able to see all open sessions and close any that are not needed
  8. Need to scan a document but can't go back to the office? Download a scanner app on your smartphone, they let you snap a picture of a document and save it as a PDF

We hope that these tech tips make your remote working life that little bit easier! For more tech tips check out our time saving tips here!


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