Top Things To Do When You Buy A New Smartphone

Have you recently bought a new smartphone? This article provides the top things to do to get the most out of your new smartphone! 

  • Protect Your New Smartphone 
  • The very first thing you should do after purchasing a new smartphone is protect it! You don’t want to drop your brand new phone and chip it, or even worse, crack the screen before you even get home! The best way to protect your phone from any physical damage is to protect it with a phone case and screen protector. 

    The type of case you will need depends on the level of protection you want for your phone. For a baseline level of protection you can choose a silicone or rubber case, cases made from these materials are shock-absorbing and usually protect your phone's vulnerable corners. We always recommend avoiding plastic phone covers where possible - plastic will not effectively absorb shock, leaving them more likely to transmit any impact to the phone itself. 

    A phone's display screen is the most expensive part of the phone, so naturally it will be the most expensive part to repair if an accident occurs. (It’s also worth noting that screen repair is not covered under the majority of manufacturers' warranties!). This is why we always recommend using a screen protector from the beginning to protect your screen. PET film screen protectors are the most common choice and provide basic screen protection. TPU protectors are a bit harder to find, but they provide the best ratio of affordability and toughness. However, we recommend investing in a tempered glass or scratch guard for maximum protection. They offer the ultimate protection for your screen and they are the least noticeable in terms of feel. They are slightly more expensive than other screen protectors. 

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  • Personalize It 
  • There are many ways to personalize your new smartphone to make it more ‘you’. Start with changing your wallpaper, rearranging the apps on your homescreen and transferring your contacts. You can also install a better keyboard and change your default apps. 

    You can also use this as an opportunity to research blogs and watch YouTube tutorials that show you step by step how to personalize your new smartphone!

  • Download The Apps You Want 
  • Most smartphones come with the bare minimum in terms of apps. You’ll get your standard default apps such as settings, a calendar and a calculator, as well as your app store. These default apps are handy to have of course, but if you want to enjoy any of the popular social media or fitness apps you’ll need to download them yourself. You can download apps from your phone’s app store.

  • Ensure Your New Smartphone Is Up To Date 
  • It’s possible your new smartphone may need a software update shortly after you purchase it. You can check your phone's software is up to date by checking for a software update in your phone’s settings app. It’s important to keep your phone up to date and download any new updates as they become available in order to protect against viruses and malware which can destroy your devices data. It becomes easier and easier for viruses to attack your phone when it is not regularly updated to protect against them. When viruses attack your device, you will notice your phone starting to slow down, you may also receive cryptic messages etc. 

    *Pro-Tip: don't forget to connect to a Wi-Fi network before updating your phone’s software, otherwise it can eat into your mobile data!

    These are our top things to do after purchasing a brand new smartphone! Have you got any suggestions to add to the list? Share your own ‘to-do’ list after buying a new smartphone!