Top Technology Tips for 2022 - ‘Time Saving Hacks’


Ever feel like some tasks just take forever to do? Like searching frantically through pages of Google search results looking for information on a specific topic? Well, here are some of the best time saving technology tips to help speed things up!

  1. Grab your USB stick, see that symbol on the side? The symbol will point up if your USB cable plugs in horizontally, or towards you if your USB cable plugs in vertically
  2. Hit Ctrl+Shift+T on your PC to reopen a tab you just closed by accident
  3. Want to learn more about a specific topic or term? Highlight and right click on the term, choose "Search Google" in the menu. Your browser will open a new tab and show you search results for that topic
  4. Click Ctrl/Cmd and Shift and then press the period key to bump the font size up by one point or the comma key to bump it one size down
  5. Tapping on the spacebar on a web page will allow you to quickly scroll down. If you want to go back up, hold Shift while you tap the spacebar
  6. If you save your Powerpoint presentation file in .PPS instead of .PPT, the file will automatically go into slideshow mode when opened
  7. Click the windows key + N to quickly open the notification centre and calendar
  8. Go to the Word View pane & click on Macros. Record your Macro, name it & choose a keyboard shortcut
  9. Clear your cache in seconds, quickly clear your cache by pressing Ctrl + Shift + R
  10. Easily find something you were working on a few days ago, press the Windows Key + Tab to open a timeline of your recent activities in Windows
  11. Use your mouse as a laser pointer in Microsoft PowerPoint; hold Ctrl + Left Click
  12. Open your PowerPoint in presentation mode by right clicking on the file and select ‘Show’
  13. If you want to refresh a web page without the hassle, just tap the F5 key on your PC keyboard. The browser will refresh whatever page is active in your browser
  14. If you want to save any image on google press “Alt” and click on google image. It will automatically be saved to your computer
  15. Accidentally close a word file without saving it? Search “.asd” in the file search under “My PC." to find it. Windows keeps backup files
  16. Are you searching for something in Google but getting bogged down with irrelevant results? Put your search term in quotation marks to narrow down the search
  17. Use the tab key on your keyboard to work your way through a form quickly and easily, to go back a field hold the 'Shift' key and press Tab
  18. Quickly jump between open applications on Windows PC by pressing the Alt-Tab keys at the same time. Press Command & Tab on Mac for the same effect

We hope these tech tips are useful! You can view more of our tech tip blogs here. 

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