Belkin BOOST↑CHARGE PRO Flex USB cable 1 m USB 2.0 USB C Black


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Ultra-Flexible and Super-Durable Our BOOST↑CHARGE™ PRO Flex braided silicone cables combine ultra-flexibility with long-lasting durability. In fact, they are up to 30X more durable* than ordinary cables and are built to resist tangling and fraying. This USB-C to USB-C cable is USB-C PD compatible, supporting fast charging speeds of 0-50% in 26 mins**. Easily store and mount it anywhere with its magnetic cable management system. Comes in three lengths and four stylish colors. 1. Silicone Jacket Inside Adds flexibility and tangle-resistance 2. Extended Soft Strain Relief Prevents cable fraying 3. USB-C Connector Tested to withstand wear and tear 4. Satin Aluminum Cable Head For added strength and style 5. Braided Exterior Double braided nylon for added durability 6. Magnetic Cable Management For easy storage and cable mounting anywhere Up to 30X More Durable Get up to 30X more durability* in your charge with BOOST↑CHARGE PRO Flex silicone cables. Engineered with a fray-resistant double braided nylon exterior, these silicone cables are built to last. Plug into a Fast Charge This USB-C to USB-C cable supports USB-C PD fast charging, powering a Samsung S21 Ultra from 0-50% in 26 mins**. Tangle-Free Cable Our BOOST↑CHARGE PRO Flex cables are engineered with silicone technology inside of its durable braided exterior, giving you a charging cable that’s flexible, tangle-resistant, and won’t kink. Magnetic Cable Management System Includes a cable strap with a magnetic button and an adhesive metal plate, giving you a neat and easy way to store your charging cable anywhere. Multiple Lengths Available in three convenient lengths, 1M, 2M, and 3M. Choose the size that matches your lifestyle, whether you’re using it in the car, at home, or traveling.

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