Canon 5224B015/PG-540L+CL-541XL Printhead cartridge multi pack 2x black +1x color Pack=3 for Canon Pixma MG 2150/MX 370

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Canon 5224B015. Supply type: Photo value pack, Quantity per pack: 3 pc(s)

Compatible Printers: Canon Pixma MG 3520, Canon Pixma MG 4250, Canon Pixma MX 472, Canon Pixma MG 3600 Series, Canon Pixma MG 3155, Canon Pixma MX 454, Canon Pixma MG 3650 white, Canon Pixma MX 450 Series, Canon Pixma MG 3650 S white, Canon Pixma MG 3650 S black, Canon Pixma MG 3500 Series, Canon Pixma MX 430 Series, Canon Pixma TS 5151, Canon Pixma MX 525, Canon Pixma MX 455, Canon Pixma MX 395, Canon Pixma MX 535, Canon Pixma TS 5150, Canon Pixma MX 470 Series, Canon Pixma MG 3550 Series, Canon Pixma MX 520 Series, Canon Pixma MX 435, Canon Pixma MX 375, Canon Pixma MX 530 Series, Canon Pixma MG 4200 Series, Canon Pixma MG 3100 Series, Canon Pixma MG 2150, Canon Pixma MG 4140, Canon Pixma MX 370, Canon Pixma MG 2100 Series, Canon Pixma MX 475, Canon Pixma MG 2200 Series, Canon Pixma MG 3550, Canon Pixma MG 3255, Canon Pixma MG 3650 red, Canon Pixma MX 524, Canon Pixma MG 3250, Canon Pixma MG 3650 Series, Canon Pixma MG 3550 white, Canon Pixma MX 532, Canon Pixma MX 390 Series, Canon Pixma MG 3150, Canon Pixma TS 5100 Series, Canon Pixma MG 3640 S, Canon Pixma MX 432, Canon Pixma MG 2140, Canon Pixma MG 2250, Canon Pixma MG 3550 red, Canon Pixma MG 4150, Canon Pixma TS 5140, Canon Pixma MX 515, Canon Pixma MG 3650, Canon Pixma MG 3140, Canon Pixma MX 370 Series, Canon Pixma MG 2255, Canon Pixma MX 510 Series, Canon Pixma MG 3650 S red

Supply type Photo value pack
Type Original
Colour ink cartridges quantity 1
Black ink cartridges quantity 2
Brand compatibility Canon
Printing colours Black, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow
Compatibility PIXMA MG2150, PIXMA MG2250, PIXMA MG3150, PIXMA MG3250, PIXMA MG3550, PIXMA MG4150, PIXMA MG4250, PIXMA MX375, PIXMA MX395, PIXMA MX435, PIXMA MX455, PIXMA MX475, PIXMA MX515, PIXMA MX525, PIXMA MX535, PIXMA MG3650, PIXMA TS5150, PIXMA TS5151, PIXMA MG3650S
Quantity per pack 3 pc(s)
Technical details
Printing colours Black, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow
Packaging data
Quantity per pack 3 pc(s)

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Prompt and friendly contact. Super fast, reliable service. To be recommended. Thank you very much.


Needed a fairly obscure part for part of the power cable on my laptop plug. Delighted to be able to get it from ValuPC. As always a simple process. Ordered and received 2 days later.


I have ordered a TV that I couldn't get anywhere else in Ireland and Valu PC had it. Delivery took 2 days and Jim was extremely nice and helpful with everything and even delivered it to me himself. I will definitely be ordering from him again.


Delivery arrived within a day - and it was Christmas week! Headphones were really competitively priced. Delighted with them. A hassle free online purchase. Very happy with my experience.


Wouldn't normally bother with review's but I was really impressed with ValuPC, despite never having heard of them before. While googling a specific laptop model I noticed that they're cheaper than other psychical stores by over €200. I ordered the laptop late one and 2 - 3 it was at my door. Excellent service fast and reliable and have already recommended to others.


Was going to go to an English chain of computer shop, googled and seen valupc. I ordered a new laptop and Monitor late Sunday night and had them in my hands on Wednesday morning with everything working as expected. I would recommend Valupc as they are Irish and defiantly good value, will be back in the future.


great deals on the market, which seemed sketchy, but decided to order a monitor anyway. Was delighted to know that I was wrong, The monitor came in perfect condition, nothing bad to say whatsoever. Even had some problems with the delivery and they helped me out! It's a great site to buy electronic things of off, don't think twice about it.


I was shopping laptops across multiple retailers mainly the typical big ones and went searching laptop sales and found VALU PC. Their laptop prices / specs etc were easily beating the rest so looked into it further.
I even spoke to the owner, had a great, friendly chat and found they were more local than i thought and he guarenteed me 2 days delivery to the door and that's what I got!

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