Jabra GN1221 Sound limiter QD to RJ9

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The Jabra GN1221 cord is the solution to the common problem of not being able to connect your headset and telephone. Even though most things have been standardised, the cord connecting the phone with the handset or headset is anything but standard as each telephone manufacturer has its own wiring code. Now, with the Jabra GN1221 QD to RJ9 universal audio processor cord, one cord will work with virtually any phone, providing greater convenience. Jabra GN1221 is compliant with the EU Noise-at-Work legislation (Directive 2003/10/EC). The Jabra GN1221 features eight microphone volume settings to ensure that the volume of all outgoing calls is at the same user-defined comfortable level. Safeguards your hearing and helps comply with the strict Noise-at-Work legislation

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