Lindy USB Type C & 3x USB Type A 72W PD Charger

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Simultaneously charge or power up to four USB devices 72W Power Delivery (only via the Type C port) provides high speed charging to ultrabooks, tablets and smartphones Delivers a safe, optimised, reliable charge with Smart IC functionality to connected devices Utilises a single USB Type C & 3 USB Type A ports to ensure compatibility with virtually any device 2 year warranty The Lindy 4 Port USB Type C & A Smart Charger with PD is a compact, efficient solution for charging virtually any USB device. The single 60W PD Type C port offers a powerful, reliable charge to ultrabooks, tablets & smartphones at unrivalled speeds by utilising the USB Power Delivery 3.0 specification. The three USB Type A Ports provide up to 12W allowing the simultaneous charging of multiple devices. With Smart IC functionality, the charger can instantly recognise connected devices to automatically adjust the charging current for a fast, safe charge whilst also providing overcurrent protection, preventing excessive current from damaging devices. Compatibility with various input voltages ensures this charger can be used in many countries.

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