Questions To Consider Before Purchasing A Laptop
  • How much does a good laptop cost? 
  • When shopping for a new laptop we always recommend setting a budget for yourself, this will ultimately depend on your own specific needs. Having a set budget can help to narrow down options that are significantly more or less than your budget range. There are plenty of decent laptops on the market that are suitable for everyday use for less than €500. For more advanced work you may want to consider a middle range laptop for between €500-€1000. Anyone who is looking for a laptop for gaming or creative purposes will want to invest in a higher end laptop, which can cost anything from €1000 up, depending on brand, features, spec and more. 

  • Is MacOS or Windows better? 
  • Deciding between MacOS and Windowslaptops can be a difficult decision for some people, but it mainly comes down to two factors - personal preference and budget. Like all their other products, Apple has positioned both the MacBook Air and the Pro as premium products, and so it’s at least €1,000 for a new MacBook, and prices just go up from there. You get excellent bang for your buck though, with excellent hardware from top to bottom, and brand new Apple made processors which has resulted in excellent performance improvements across the board. 

    With Windows and Chromebooks you get an amazing variety of devices at a wider range of prices, there is something to suit everyone's budget here. They are much more affordable than their MacOS counterparts. There are a wider variety of apps and softwares available for Windows, whereas with MacOS you are limited to the Apple store apps. 

  • Should I consider a ChromeBook? Are they worth it? 
  • This depends - who is the Chromebook for? Chromebooks are laptops that run on ChromeOS. Google’s Chrome OS has come a long way in the past 10 years and they are great for people who do most of their work in a web browser or using mobile apps. They are secure, simple and, more often than not, an absolute bargain! Unfortunately they can’t run Windows or Mac software, so if that’s something you think you may need, then a chromebook may not be for you. 

  • I want a laptop for personal use and/or travel, what should I get? 
  • The pandemic has definitely changed how and where people work, with the majority of people choosing to work remotely / work abroad, laptops have become increasingly popular! If you’re planning to work from home but don’t need any more mobility than moving from room to room then a 15.6 inch laptop or larger is perfect, as bigger screens make working life so much easier! 

    If you intend to travel with your laptop, then we advise staying within 13 - 14 inch laptops. they’re generally the lightest and smallest, making portability one of their main features.