Reasons To Buy An LG TV

There are many reasons to purchase an LG TV, the fact that most of them now feature an OLED screen that offers a stunning picture quality and are among the best on the market, or that the majority of LG TV’s now come fully loaded with the latest version of webOS, the software platform that delivers apps and smart features. 

  • How much do LG TV’s Cost?
  • Like with all brands, factors such as size and features etc. all influence the price of a TV. LG offer TV’s to suit all budgets, from the cheaper LG NanoCell 75 Series right up to the more expensive LG C1 TV, there is something available to suit everyone's budget! In terms of 8K TV’s, LG offer one of the most affordable 8K Tv’s on the market to date - LG QNED MiniLED 99 Series. 

  • What is OLED? 
  • OLED or Organic Light Emitting Diode is a display technology that uses organic compounds in its pixel structure to deliver outstanding picture quality. The difference between OLED screens and typical LCD screens is the pixel structure, the OLED pixels light up individually to offer infinite contrast and sharper looking images, whereas the LCD pixels which use a larger backlight behind an LCD panel. 

    All of LG’s best TV’s feature an OLED screen, and it’s easy to see why. OLED screens offer superb picture colour and brightness as well as the best-in-class picture contrast and sharpness. OLED TV’s typically offer a slimmer design than even the sleekest of LCD TV’s. Offering better HDR performance and great overall performance, OLED TV’s are the best on the market. 

  • What is LG webOs?
  • WebOS is one of the most defining elements of any LG smart TV. LG has some of the smartest TV’s on the market today, and webOS is what makes it all work! It is the software platform that delivers all of the apps and smart features that the TV has to offer. 

  • Are the LG 8K TV’s worth buying? 
  • Similar to competitors, LG has a handful of 8K TV’s available to purchase, but are they worth it? LG’s selection of 8K sets includes ultra-expensive OLED models as well as non-OLED models. There are plenty of impressive and affordable LG 8K TV’s available, however we don’t recommend you buy them - or any 8K TV for that matter. With the limited 8K content available to date, the 7,680 x 4,320 screen just isn’t worth the extra expensive - yet! Once there is more variety in 8K content we believe the 8K TV sets will be well worth the money! 


    We hope this blog has helped to break down the complexity behind purchasing a new TV. If you’re struggling to decide which LG TV is right for you, we’ve compiled a list of the best LG TV’s available to purchase today, you can check it out here! You can also view our wide range of TV’s here! Happy shopping!