Windows, MacOS or ChromeOS - Which Operating System is Best?

Have you ever wondered which operating system is best? While you don’t have an array of options when it comes to choosing your operating system, each operating system differs distinctly in strengths and weaknesses. Windows and macOS are generally the most powerful in terms of hardware and software, as well as interface convenience and utilities, while Chrome OS is more lightweight and runs on inexpensive hardware. In this blog we discuss each operating system in detail, highlighting the positives and negatives of each. 

Firstly, what is an operating system?

An operating system (OS for short) is the program that manages all of the other application programs in your computer, making your computer or PC work. The computer's operating system is arguably the most important software that runs on a computer. It provides an interface between the hardware and the user interacting with the software. Most modern OS include slick, easy to navigate user interfaces and loads of tools to keep your computer running smoothly, safely and malware-free! While most operating systems security and stability is maintained by an automated update process that makes sure the system receives timely fixes to hardware and software compatibility and vulnerability issues. 

Choosing the right operating system for you

Microsoft Windows 11

Windows powers over 1.4 billion PCs worldwide, making it the most popular desktop operating system by far! While Windows 10 was a huge success in terms of functionality and usability, Microsoft decided it was time for an upgrade. Windows 11 is largely the same as Windows 10, it runs all the same apps, however it features a new modern user interface, as well as some new productivity and gaming capabilities. 

However, many of Windows 11's interface changes can be reverted to more closely resemble their Windows 10 counterparts. The Windows operating system is far more secure and stable than it was previously, it still can’t compete with macOS. While its interface is continually being tweaked with each update, it still presents some inconsistency which results in issues for some users.


As with all Apple related products, their desktop operating system is polished, capable and reliable. While the choice of computers is limited to those manufactured by Apple only, they’re excellent computers, but not budget-friendly. Apple are currently in the process of transitioning their Macs away from Intel CPUs, and opting for the Apple Silicon chips instead, designed by Apple themselves. These new processing chips rival the top Intel chips in terms of performance and reduced power consumption. 

The user interface on macOS is as slick as they come, offering much more consistency than any other OS choice on the market today. Apple’s desktop OS is document based rather than program based like Windows, meaning that every app has the same menu at the top, rather than inside its own window. 

Chrome OS

Google’s desktop operating system started life as a simple way to deliver a web browser and web applications to a computer without much complexity, the idea behind it was that it would be an entirely cloud-powered app, using Google Drive to store all your data, however Chrome OS has gone way beyond that! It now lets you run android apps, and offers plenty of true desktop features. The best thing about the ChromeOS option is that you can find a wide variety of Chromebook laptops to suit all budgets, making them a much more budget friendly option for many. The OS also supports touch screen and stylus inputs. 

The OS interface is clear and simple, however you can't pin apps or documents to the desktop like you can with Windows or macOS. Like everything else, ChromeOS also has a few drawbacks, one of which is the fact that they feature two very different app stores, making it confusing to know which one to use. The bottom line is if you're a student or someone on a limited budget who can do everything you need in a web browser, Chrome OS may be for you.

Which operating system will you choose?

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