Working From Home - The Essentials

Sure, working from home has its perks, but if you’re new to the EFH life, you might find that it takes some time to get into a productive groove. There can be so many distractions, perhaps you're itching to do all the housework you’ve been putting off instead of completing that work project. We’ve compiled a list of the best tools and gadgets to help you stay productive when working from home. 

Desk Pad 

Keep everything streamlined and protect your surface from any spills with a desk pad. They are extremely easy to clean - just wipe down with a wet cloth.

Extra Monitor 

An extra monitor can really help with your productivity, especially if your computer desktop normally has loads of tabs open. Plus, it can be hard to stare at a small laptop screen for hours a day.

Wireless Mouse 

Sometimes that trackpad on your laptop just doesn’t cut it. Plus, a mouse will be a little easier on your hands, especially if you find that using the trackpad leads to hand cramps.

Bluetooth Keyboard 

Like the trackpad on your computer, you might find it difficult to type on your laptop keyboard, so this is where a wireless one comes in handy.


If you live with other people who are also working from home, headphones are a must. Noise-cancelling ones can help you focus on the task at hand.

Device Charging Station 

If you're working with a lot of devices, a charging station will really come in handy. It will keep everything in place and really streamlines the charging process.

Ergonomic Wrist Pad 

Comfort is key when you're working, whether you're in an office or at home. A wrist rest can help reduce fatigue and any pain from working at the computer for a long time.

Working from home