Your Guide To Buying A New Smartwatch

Shopping for a new smartwatch can be very daunting. Just like shopping for any new piece of technology, the options available today are endless. If you’re considering purchasing a new smartwatch but you’re aimlessly searching through all the options available, totally unsure what it is you’re looking for, or what features are most important to you, then you've come to the right place! 

This blog features a list of important questions to consider before shopping for a new smartwatch, and will make your shopping experience much easier once you know what it is that you’re looking for! So, let’s dive right in! 

Why do you want a smartwatch? 

What is your main reason for wanting a smartwatch? Is it to track your fitness and health? Or to view your notifications and messages without picking up your phone? Perhaps you’re just considering one for style or for navigation purposes? There are many reasons to want a smartwatch, but the reason behind your decision to purchase is a very important factor when shopping for new wearables. This reason determines if you should prioritise health and fitness features over smart features, or vice versa, it also influences factors such as the battery life your smartwatch has, and even down to the style and design of your new wearable. It’s important to carefully consider why you want a smartwatch, and what you would like to use it for. 

What is your budget? 

It’s important to have a rough budget in mind before beginning your search for the dream smartwatch. Consider looking at some watches from lesser known brands, many of these have the same functionalities (or better) but cost less.

What kind of battery life do you need? 

As with purchasing any new device, battery capacity is one of the more important features. You don't want to be running out of battery halfway through the day! Many of the smartwatches available today actually have a limited battery capacity so if you plan to use your new watch to listen to music or track your fitness be sure to choose a watch with a decent battery life. When considering battery capacity it’s important to remember is that a 350mAh battery will give you approx 168 hours of battery life,

Smartwatch or fitness tracker? 

Many fitness bands don’t offer the functionalities of a smartwatch, however, there are plenty of options available that offer both. For example many of today's watches are smart while also offering a heart rate monitor, temperature reading, and sleep monitor. Be sure to research the different functionalities of each before you make your decision. 


What style are you going for?

The style and design of a smartwatch is often a deal breaker for many people, a watch may have all the features and functionalities they require, but if it doesn’t look nice they won't buy it! There are many different styles available, be sure to shop around to find the style best suited to you. 


What are your storage requirements?

Storage is another extremely important feature to consider depending on what you plan to use your new smartwatch for. For example, using your smartwatch to listen to music will take up a lot of storage. It’s important to note the difference between internal and external storage, if you want a smartwatch with a decent storage size you would be better opting for one with an external storage option. This provides you with more control over the level of storage your smartwatch has. 


Do you require syncing capabilities?

This is something that some people tend to forget, but is extremely important to consider before you make the purchase - ‘Is the smartwatch compatible with your phone?’. Some smartwatches are either compatible with iPhones or Android phones, but not both. For example the Apple watch is only compatible with iPhones, so if you purchase an apple watch but own an Android phone they will not work together. Unless you’re a die hard Apple or Android fan, it might be a good idea to opt for a smartwatch that is compatible with both systems.